Monday, April 3, 2017

Two Years, Ten Months, Eleven Days...

Dearest Jude,

You are at a funny age my darling.  You are fighting for your independence. So what seems to me like a temper tantrum about a minute thing, is a giant disaster to you, because so many things are out of your control. I have to remind myself of this every time I get angry at you. I have no patience and I am working hard to try to see things from your point of view when things get difficult. I am even going to a parenting class on Wednesdays now :)

Other than the stubbornness and the tantrums, you are still going to Fauzia every week. You seem to enjoy yourself because she always has kids over at her place while she is looking after you. We are also trying to get playdates established, so we have Karen, TJ and Jason over on some Thursdays, and then we have playdates with Rickilee, Abby and Aubree on some Tuesdays.

I am still busy with school and work. I am still trying to get a balance going, to no avail. So frustration is a common feeling I have, and I think that it affects our interactions.  I really hope that those few months won't affect our long term relationship.

I am trying to speak to you in Arabic only and it seems like you understand. I have to say things in Arabic, then English, then Arabic again to ensure that you know what I am saying. Work in progress and hopefully you will be speaking, reading and writing Arabic in the near future inshallah.

I love you so much my darling boy.

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