Saturday, March 4, 2017

Two Years, Nine Months, Nine Days...

Dearest Jude,

Both baba and I have been working a lot these days. You and I have also been trying to get more playdates for you, because when I am home, I am usually trying to get school work done. I am really sorry but not always being there to play with you, and that the tv is usually on. I don't think you mind watching your cartoons, I just wish I could plan things better so that my schoolwork does not interfere with my time with you. I am struggling with the possibility of doing schoolwork when you and baba are sleeping, but then that takes away from time spent with you two in the mornings. I will figure things out. Inshallah I will not be in school for much longer. I am trying to finish the counselling degree as soon as possible.

This month was my and Rachel's birthday (Feb. 15th). Grammie took us out for lunch and then we had ice cream cake at her place, when Rachel visited on the weekend of Feb. 25th. I am pretty sure you had fun even though you don't like ice cream. March 4th was also khalo Ghassan's birthday. Khalo had his celebration with Tete and Jiddo in Kuwait.

I love you with all my heart Jude.

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