Thursday, June 25, 2015

One Year, One Month, Two Days...

Dearest Jude,

This month seems to be the month of pointing and asking what everything is!

You want to be held, still. But you also want your independence. You want to feed yourself. You want to be chased. You want to play on your own. But you are very demanding when you want a cuddle or a caress. You get one for three seconds and then you want to take off again. We don't mind the cuddles, even the short ones.

You graze a lot, so you don't eat a lot at meal times. But you seem to be getting enough food and milk throughout the day non-the-less.

This month had a bit of a surprise in it. Not a good one unfortunately. Alhamdellah always and for everything. Your baba had a small stroke and ended up staying in the hospital for 8 days. We made the best of it and visited him every day. He is good alhamdellah. It affected his upper left side and speech for a bit. But we called the ambulance right away, as soon as we noticed that he was speaking funny, so he was treated fairly quickly. So the effects of the stroke were not long lasting. His arm and hand work like nothing has happened alhamdellah. His speech is getting better by the day alhamdellah. He passed his driving test yesterday so he is good to go to work on Monday, June 29th.

Right now we are at your baba's friend Clarence's cottage at 1869 Waterloo Rd, by Bridgewater. We are here for two days with you grammie, auntie Lynne and cousin Bri. Tete did not feel like coming, with fasting and all. Khalo Mo has work.

You are currently napping on the bed next to me. You are just a beautiful soul mashallah. I hope that I will be deserving of you and that we will always be loving and close with one another. I also pray that Allah's love and guidance always encase you and that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH be your constant guide in life. Do not be like your mom, carrying the ladder horizontally through life. And take things easy as they come and don't sweat the little stuff.

I love you with all my heart, we all do!


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