Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mama's First Mother's Day

Dearest Jude,

You have made a mama out of me!

I never thought this day would come. I thought that I will never be blessed with this gift. But, God's will is above all.

We went to your grammie's and stayed there for supper. It was fun, as we haven't seen her in a while. You had lots of fun exploring her place and trying to figure Holly the cat out. She scared you a bit but we got over it pretty quickly :)
You and baba got me some yummy chocolates and cards. It was so sweet.

Might as well do a quick update, since you will be ONE YEAR OLD the next time an update is uploaded inshallah. I still can not believe that you will be a year old. I have had the most beautiful son in my life for a year already. It feels like it passed in a blink of an eye, subhanallah.

You are a little under the weather right now. We got a little worried because I felt like your appetite was suffering. You are only stuffed up with a runny nose. I weighed you at Dr. White's office and it came up to 19.5 pounds. P.S. you are healthy alhamdellah, and are getting your appetite back.

You no longer are interested in breastfeeding. You don't even have any interest in it for comfort, like you have been the last little while. So I am officially done breastfeeding you. I would estimate that you stopped at around 11 months. You are more interested in chunky foods than you are in purees. You have 8 teeth after all! I think you are working on some more teeth at the moment.

I still can not believe that you will be a year old inshallah. We have some people scheduled to come over and have a little birthday party for you. Inshallah this year, your birthday lands on a Saturday, that your dad has off. So we are getting you some birthday cake and some decorations. You are my best friend and my companion while baba is working, after all. So I think you earned it, being stuck with me and all.

You really are special mashallah. I love you with all my heart my darling boy.

Thank you for having me as your mama.

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