Friday, April 24, 2015

Eleven Months...

Dearest Jude,

You are ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!  I can not believe that you came into this world this many months ago. It almost makes me sad how fast those eleven months have gone. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute we spend together, but it just seems to have gone by like a blink of an eye. Please utilize your time wisely, it is very short. We don't get a lot of time, even if it might seem like we do. We all look back and wonder where the time has gone and if we have enough to show for it. Our time on this earth is so short, that we would need to be smart with what we do with ourselves. This does not necessarily mean that you have to spend every minute productively. It simply means that it is best to follow this simple rule, told to me by my dad, your jiddo: When it is time for study or work, work hard and focus on work. When it is time to have fun, have fun, and just focus on that. Give each thing you do your all, and I hope that when you look back at how you spent your time, you will have no regrets.

You had a hard month. We moved from our apartment in Lower Sackville, to your tete and jiddo's house, in Halifax. This move has been difficult, because it feels like it is dragging on forever. We have been gradually moving things over the month of April, which explains this feeling of slow progression. We share the house with your khalo Mohammed and your tete and jiddo when they are in town. We are hoping that this would be our first and last move since you came along. The great thing about this move, is that it works well for everyone. You have your own room, that you can grow into. I always found this house to be too big and lonely, even though it really isn't, but a house should not be empty. It just doesn't seem right. So with all of us being here, this house finally feels, to me at least, like a home.

You are a crawling machine! You can get over ledges and keep on going for a while. You also want to climb on everything, and are trying to stand up by yourself. We have to put baby gates up everywhere, just to make sure you don't get yourself in any trouble. You are helping us unpack by pulling everything out of boxes, which is kind of nice because it keeps us motivated. You are getting picky with food, everything needs to have plain yogurt in it for you to eat it. That is alright though, yogurt is full of protein, so I am happy.

I still can not believe how blessed I am to have you in my life, how blessed we all are. We have our rough days, but just a look or a smile from you seems to make everything better. Not just for me, but for everyone around you. You are so loved, and we feel your immense love for us in return. I hope this love of ours is always growing and never ending.

I love you with all my heart, my darling little man,

your mama

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