Thursday, October 23, 2014

Five Months...

October 23rd, 2014

Dearest One,

Today, you are five months old. I can not even keep track of all the changes that have taken place since the last post, mashallah there have been so many. First of all, you are one curious individual! Any chance you get to be up and your feet and looking around, you take full advantage of it. Your dad and I were just saying today that when you are standing up, with our help, you are looking around with big brown eyes, trying to figure out what to get your hands on, when the opportunity presents itself. You want to put everything in your mouth. Which brings me to your beautiful wonderful hands. You are now able to control them more than before, alhamdellah. You can grab of things now and bring them to your mouth. Even your feet are being pulled as far up to your face as you can pull to get them in your mouth. Sophie the Giraffe is very useful now because you can actually hold her and rub her on your gums. Still no teeth, although it seems you are getting two on the top as well as the bottom. So, my poor son is dealing with four teeth coming in. You seem to be handling it relatively well though. Not sure if the amber necklace is actually working or if it is just the fact that you are an amazing boy. Either way, you are an amazing boy. You only whine and cry when something is wrong, alhamdellah a thousand times.

We started giving you rice cereal this month. You love it. We started with rice cereal once a day and now you are taking it twice a day. We have also been giving you vegetables and fruits at four day intervals. We started with green beans, wax beans, carrots, potatoes, squash, avocado, watermelon, bananas and mixed berries. So far, you are good with everything listed, and you seem to like them all. But the last few days your stomach has been upset, and so you have been getting rice cereal and no vegetables or fruits. We will start giving you everything listed but will keep you away from squash and avocado, as they didn't seem to agree with your tummy. You are still mama's bosom buddy and you get bottles too.

Mashallah you are long, although I don't have a length for you for this month, or a weight for that matter, as you haven't had a doctor's appointment this month. You are fitting into the 6-9 month onsies and outfits. The smaller sizes are tight on you. You are in size 3 Huggies diapers now, mashallah. You are sleeping well throughout the night, but do not seem to like naps during the daytime. The only way you nap is if you are cuddled with baba or myself, or by laying on my chest. You are spending more time in your crib, because you are long enough to hit your head and wake yourself up in the bassinet, mashallah. If you are not sleeping in the crib, you are in bed with us. You have been sleeping with us lately because you have not been feeling well. Your teeth seem to be bothering you a bit more than usual these days. You enjoy playing on your MonkeyMat and have even managed to rip one of the toys out. You also seem to enjoy your time in the highchair as well as the Jolly Jumper. You are like a mad scientist on the Jolly Jumper and are trying to touch everything all at once. We have been trying to give you belly time, but it seems to upset you more than anything, so admittedly, we have been slacking with that.

I will try to find a Mommy & Me group that we can join. You seem to get a bit nervous with other people these days, a lot more than when you were younger. So it would be nice to get you used to seeing and interacting with people more. We still video chat with Tete and Jiddo every day. Your khalo Mohammed can not get enough of you. He keeps saying how he loves you like you are his own son and that he doesn't need to have kids because he thinks of you as his. We don't know about that now do we?

You have met my Khalo Ghassan, Tete's younger brother. He has admitted that he is not very good with babies, and did not hold my cousins until they were older, as he was nervous about their fragility. But he seemed like a natural with you. Whenever we were around he had you with him and was carrying you and playing with you. He got you a bunch of presents, including a stuffed horse toy. I hope you still have it.

I love you with all my heart, buddy. You are my best friend. You are my miracle. Never forget how much your dad and I love you.

With all my heart, I am forever yours.

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