Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Four Months...

Sept. 23rd, 2014

Dearest One,

Today, You are four months old. You have grown so much, mashallah. You are long, thank God, and I hope you keep getting longer and longer. You get that from your dad and from your Jiddo. Your mama and Tete are short, so we are both glad that you are long. You are pretty heavy too mashallah. I find it harder carrying you around. You still insist on being carried. The moment your dad or I put you down, you start getting upset. You are too cute not to accomodate. So we just go on carrying you. To be honest I, and your dad, enjoy the cuddles, so we really don't mind. We will get more information on your statistics and such tomorrow inshallah.

We started video chatting with your Tete and Jiddo every day. Your Jiddo has a big smile and a few laughs every time we talk to him. He finds you adorable. He gets a kick out of calling you "asla3", which means the bald one. You have lots of hair, it is just not thick yet and it is very fair. He, and your Tete enjoy watching your antics and look forward to the video chats. Your khalo still goes on about how handsome you are. He enjoys carrying you and doing the dabke with you. You seem to like it. Your Grammie thinks you are the best human being, and I agree, mashallah. Your Auntie Lynne can't get enough of you. Rachel comes down for visits a lot more, which you seem to enjoy immensely. You are full of smiles and laughter for her, and she has the excitement and love required to keep you two entertained for hours on end. Alana tries to spend as much time with you as she possibly can.

This month, your mama started a class at Mount Saint Vincent University. That is the university your mama went to last. It is only one course, so it has been good so far. I enjoy being busy with you and with the class. I like keeping my mind working, and being at school is a good way to do it for now. I try to read with you, but we haven't been doing that as much as I would like. I should do it more, maybe even every day. You are not napping as much during the day, so I am focusing on that quite a bit. I was told that napping twice a day would help you sleep better at night. "Sleep begets sleep". You are sleeping well at night, so I would like for that to continue.

We are still giving you formula, as well as the bossom. We tried you on rice cereal a couple of times, a few days ago. The first time, you were iffy and did not take a whole lot of it in. The second time, we put it in a bottle for you. Half the bottle was gone before we realized that you took in the water and the rest of the bottle had thick rice cereal in it. You and I were hanging out at home just two days ago, and I thought I would give it another shot with you. You ate a bowl-full, but spat up a bit. Inshallah we will keep going with it, and maybe start trying some pureed vegetables soon.

You are still a huge fan of the window in our bedroom. You can lay on our bed and look out that window for hours. You love watching the trees outside and their leaves rustling and dancing with the wind. I try to take you on walks outside, and I believe that you truly derive a lot of enjoyment out of them. You are always looking around, trying to take in as much as possible. You are then so relaxed, that you usually end up falling asleep halfway through the walk.

For your "birthday", we went out and I got you some new clothes. You are fitting in the 6-12 sizes, mashallah. This was very exciting for me, as this was the first time I bought you clothing. It was a mama-son date, I guess, and I was extremely pleased with it. You, however, were very grumpy. I believe your gums are bothering you a lot more these days than they do usually. I think that pretty soon your bottom two front teeth will make an appearance, inshallah.

I know I keep writing this, but I truly believe that you are a blessing from God. You are just a beautiful, wonderful angel. You are an amazing baby. You don't cry unless you need to. Everyone is surprised that you are sleeping through the night already, mashallah mashallah mashallah. I just am amazed that God gave you to me. I am just so blessed to have you in my life. Please don't ever forget how blessed we both are to have your baba in our life. He is very hard-working, and is always trying to make sure that you don't go without anything. This province is not the best with regards to employment and pay, so he is trying to have the bills paid, food on the table, and gas in the tank of the car, as well as everything else in the house all done. It is a lot of pressure to take care of a family and I really think that he is doing an amazing job at it. Your baba and I are still adjusting to our new roles, as well as figuring out how our old roles should work now. Never forget that any relationship takes work to grow and flourish. If it is worth having, it is worth the hard work. I really need to think about that concept with my relationship with Allah. I truly hope and pray that you will grow up knowing God, appreciating everything that He gives you and takes away from you, and worshipping him through prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, as well as being a kind person towards all living things. Islam has a bad reputation now, and I do hope that by the time you are older and are reading this, that people and the media are not fueled by the islamophobia propaganda. Islam is a beautiful religion, a wonderful set of rules and way of life to abide to and live by. When in doubt about this, do not look at what people around you are doing, as they are not Islam. That includes your father and I. Look at the Quran and look at the example of the prophets, most importantly Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him, as God has sent him as well as all the prophets for us to follow. Always remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and not just any reason, but a good one. Even if things might look dire, Allah will not let them happen unless He knows that you can handle them. Be strong in faith and heart, and inshallah with the guidance from Allah, you will not be steered wrong.

I love you with all my heart, mama's little buddy. Whenever you want a friend, know that I am here. I will always be your mother, but when you need a friend, I am here for you. You might not like what your father and I have to say, but know that we are saying those things because we are looking out for our sweet angel and want the best for him. We want you to have a better life than we did, just like my parents wanted for your khalo and I. We would never intentionally steer you wrong my darling.

I love you. Bahibbak ya Jude.

Your friend second, your Mama before anything else.

P.S. Your doctor's appointment was on September, 24th. You had another set of vaccinations. You had two needles. We tried the numbing cream on you and the first needle did not seem to bother you as much. But the second one made you scream, my poor little one. My heart broke for you.
You are 6.9 kg. You are 64 cm long. Your head circumference is 39.5. I believe that you are thriving mashallah. You are very aware and engaged with your surroundings. You babble and do the "gggggggggghhhhhh" quite a bit. You are loving to laugh a lot more now. We have a few videos documenting that. The doctor was happy to hear all of this.
After the doctor's appointment, you and I went to First Lake and had a long walk together. Just as predicted, you enjoyed looking at the greenery around you. You enjoy that trail, as there is different scenery to be witnessed. The seasons are changing and I think you are noticing the change in the leaves as well as the temperatures. Inshallah we will have many more walks and many more seasons together. I love you.

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