Monday, November 24, 2014

Six Months....

Hey There Big Guy!

You are six months old, my darling! Half a year! I can not get over how quickly those six months passed.
You are a regular chatterbox mashallah. A lot of times it sounds like you are speaking to your baba and I. You are also vastly testing your voice box. You have a vast range of sounds and volumes. The least favourite of mine is the one that sounds like you have a hairball stuck in your throat. I took you to school with me a couple of times and people around me were wondering why I am leaving my handsome boy to choke on whatever it is he was choking on. You had your very first playdate just a couple of days ago, on the 21st. We visited with a lady we met at the Optometrist's office. She has Jason, who is your buddy and is 4 months older than you, and TJ who is 3 years old and is a strong-willed young man. You seemed to enjoy yourself.
You eat lots of fruits, vegetables and cereal, and your body behaves like a regular little man's would. You are also very eager to stand up on your own and are a little mad scientist in your exersaucer. You are REALLY enjoying the Jolly Jumper! The minute the little harness is on you, you are pushing with your legs and working your feet to jump. You wouldn't even be hanging yet and you would be trying to jump already. You could spend hours in that thing if we left you to it.
Unfortunately, you have celebrated your six-month birthday with a chest cold. You are congested and mama and baba are very worried. It was bound to happen, considering that you put everything in your mouth. But that is how your immune system develops so it is a part of your journey.
Your stats are pretty good. Your head circumference is 43cm, you weighed in at approximately 7.6kg and are 74cm long. We have the ok from your doctor for you to eat anything and everything, other than honey. So your baba and I are pretty excited about that.
Rachel came and spent your birthday weekend with us. She loves you so much and you love her too. You are so taken by her whenever she is around. We all love you and can not believe how lucky and blessed we are to have you in our lives. Mashallah, may Allah bless you, you are an amazing guy, little one.

I am going to try and keep those notes short, don't really know how successful that will be. But here goes! Your grammie, auntie, khalo, tete and jiddo love you very much. We are so blessed to have you. You are getting restless so I am going to end this now.

Love you with all my heart, little buddy.
Your mama

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