Sunday, December 3, 2017

Three Years, Seven Months, Two Days...

Dearest Jude,

It has been a while! Things have been extremely hectic and busy. School is still ongoing for me. I am working at Family Vision Clinic and at the IWK on weekends (sometimes). I have become a vegan - with criticism from your baba and my parents. Baba is busy with work and is keeping you busy when I am home and have school work to do. Things between baba and I have been up and down as well. Relationships are constant work and need to be made a priority.

Alhamdellah for everything.

I finally hada moment to write this because I am now in NJ for cousin Muayyad's wedding. It is a great occasion as many members of tete's family are here for it, so it turned into a pseudo-family reunion. I also needed a mini break so when jiddo offered to buy a ticket for me I agreed almost immediately - after discussing it with baba of course. Baba does a lot for us, despite his pain and level of tiredness. I hope that you appreciate how everyone in your life tries their best and works hard. Tete and Jiddo are a prime example of that, and I hope that their hard work, along with their kind hearts, generosity, and love for God and others, would be an example for you to follow.

I miss you, my love. I wish you were with me, but it would have been too hectic for you to get on two planes each way to stay in NJ for two days. You have quite a weekend planned as well. It was Alayya's birthday yestersay, and Rachel is home with you and baba for the weekend. You also went out for dinner with your grammie, baba, and Rachel last night. AND Alana is coming out to hang out with you guys today.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow inshallah.

I love you, my amazing son. May you always have God in your heart and let Him guide you throughout your life. Never leave your prayers.

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