Saturday, August 26, 2017

Three Years, Three Months, Three Days...

Dearest Jude,

As you may have noticed, I missed a month's entry. I just started yet another new job at the Family Vision Clinic. I am still picking up shifts at the IWK hospital every once in a while. Tete was with us for the summer, and we had a surprise visit from khalo Ghassan, or uncle Gess, for a few days. He left to visit my tete, jiddo and aunt's family in NJ on the 24th of August, Thursday, and tete left for Kuwait on August 25, Friday.

Baba and I had our 4th wedding anniversary on August 4th. We have had some difficult times, but inshallah we will have better times ahead. We are both trying our best and hoping to leave some things behind. Starting fresh!

You are so amazing. It took one weekend a couple of weeks ago where we didn't put any diapers on you, and now you are diaper free. You haven't looked back since. We are all so proud of you sweetheart.

Never forget that God's love for you is the strongest. Our love for you pales in comparison.

Love you my darling,

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