Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Years, One Month, Five Days

Dearest Jude,

A few changes have taken place this month. It is Ramadan!!! The advent calnedar is going again and alhamdellah you love it!

We had a friend who used to come every once in a while leave us (Cody). He started in day care. Tete is here for the summer. Yay! She came on the 17th of June. Khalo and I picked her up while you and baba were picking up Rachel. She spent the weekend of the 17th of June with us as it was Father's Day on that Sunday. Also, you started daycare at the Maritime Muslim Academy last week, while I started working in the same classroom. I believe that this is the biggest change of all for you.

We come in at 915 am and leave at 545 pm. Tete usually picks us up. We will have to have access to the car once she goes back to Kuwait at the end of her summer vacation inshallah.

You are quite upset at times. I am not sure if you don't understand why you have to be with a big group of children all of a sudden,  but this needed to happen. You are always with baba and I and are not getting social interactions with a lot of children your age. You need that to get prepared for school. Inshallah things will get easier for you. It is hard on me too as I hate seeing you upset. You need this though, so at the end of the day I hope that you benefit from it. I also hope that you get used to it soon, inshallah.

I am on my break now and you are still napping I believe so I will keep this short. No matter what happens know that baba and I always love you. Our relationship with you will not always be easy, but that is OK.  Every relationship you have in your life requires work and commitment,  so choose your companions wisely. Even more importantly, choose your wife wisely. Friends will affect how you view the world and will in turn affect your behaviours, thoughts and opinions. Your wife, will not only do that for you, but will also do that for your children as well. So please be mindful of the company you keep, in all its forms. Also, be mindful of what you read, see, watch and hear. If you intake good, good will come out inshallah. Keep good thoughts in your mind and always always always rely on Allah before you rely on anyone else. Pray your 5 daily prayers. Never leave those.

I love you.

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