Saturday, October 24, 2015

One Year, Five Months, Two Days...

Dearest Jude,

حبيب قلبي جود

Today you are seventeen months and two days old. So this blog post is somewhat late.

This has been an interesting month. On October 19th, the country has had a federal election, as a result of which, Stephen Harper will no longer be Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau from the Liberal party has won. I have high hopes from him. I hope that I won't be disappointed, but I very much doubt that I won't be. I am not a pessimist by nature, which might seem ironic and contradictory, but I reserve my pessimism to dark moods and moments, otherwise I have the highest hopes and faith in God and people.

You are speaking jebberish. But we are very happy that you are. Your voice is the sweetest. I imagine that it is what an angel's would sound like. You no longer have only eight teeth, you are getting your molars and are waking up throughout the night as a result. Speaking of which, you are sleeping in your own little bed now, mashallah. You have a cool blue race car bed all to yourself, courtesy of your sister Alana's mom, Paula.

We have no height or weight for you, as we haven't seen Dr. White this month.

I don't know if you will remember, but this month, I took in a girl who is almost three, in an attempt to get an in-home daycare situation set up at the house. I figured it would be a chance to make a living while staying home with you. The girl's name is Charliegh. She is a sweet girl and has only stayed with us for a week. I believe that you liked her and wanted so much to have a playmate. She went on to another daycare closer to her mom's work. I don't know if there will be more kids. I would like for you to have playmates that you can run around, talk jebberish and laugh and play with. I know it must be tough to not have siblings who are close in age to you and I am sorry about that. Who knows what might change after this is written? Inshallah khair.

It is 1:17am on the 25th of October. Syria is being air raided by Russia in an attempt to help Assad get rid of "terrorists". As a result of this, Jiddo's village has been bombed and the family home that he and tete were building there got destroyed. I hope that the Syria situation is resolved quickly so that the family would unit again and so that baba and you would be able to get to know your syrian heritage and see your mama's home land. It really is beautiful.

The above picture was taken today at Horse shoe Lake Island by the Rotary. You were chasing after the ducks and seagulls. I hope you have fond memories of those days and outings.

I love you my darling son. You are my angel and my everything.


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