Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Two Years, Six Months, Fourteen Days...

Dearest One,

I am again late with the post.

The change in seasons has gotten the best of me. I wasn't even sure if I should keep going with those letters to you. But, since you are my best friend, and only friend these days, I need to keep talking to you. And I hope those letters are beneficial to you too.

Don't get me wrong, I have great friends. Everyone is just busy and has their own lives to lead. My friends from university are either living elsewhere or busy with life's multitude of commitments and challenges. My friends from my various jobs, in between my full-time student career, are also busy with work and family, or have moved away for better employment and education opportunities. The friends who are here, due to my own neglect perhaps, would love to hang out but need an effort on my part. It makes sense, since if I don't make the effort to keep in touch, why should anyone?

School is busy. One great thing about school is I got to meet Ashley. I wish she lived closer but she lives in Ontario. We talk quite a bit over the phone. And when things get rough, I know that I can talk to her. I hope she knows she can talk to me.

You are going to Teacher Fauzia's house twice a week these days, with sissy Alana and Grammie hanging out with you when Baba is working. Tete is coming very soon!!! I am very excited as I miss having my parents/your Tete and Jiddo around. I am sure you miss them too. They add a certain level of love and comfort to our shared home. I wish they would move back already, but they need a retirement plan, as they like keeping busy and going out. They can travel more while living in Kuwait.

By the way, I know that you notice Baba and I having "discussions". You even tell us to stop talking most of the time. We disagree on a few things, and that is normal for two people. For us, we still have to figure out a healthy way to agree to disagree. We love each other, and that's a good base to start with. Just for your own benefit though:
- Marry someone who is a good Muslim, who loves God and family, and has the same values as you when it comes to family and work ethics as you.
- Marry someone who prays, fasts, pays Zakat and Sadaqa, and plans on taking you to Mecca for Hajj.
- Marry someone who values honesty, respect, commitment, compromise, and has similar beliefs to you with regards to the environment, human rights and diversity.

You can take almost all of those things with a grain of salt, except for the good Muslim part. That is a great base to start with, as without God's blessings and a great relationship with Him, all the other blessings and good points in your spouse may lose value. We all grow and change, so the level of Deen and Imaan will change over time and will go through ebbs and falls. As long as you help each other and go back to the point where at least the 5 pillars are being followed, you will be ok inshallah.

I am sorry this post is all about me. Like I previously said, you are my best friend.

You are talking up a storm mashallah. You are a true chatterbox that can't seem to stop. That is great by me and Baba, and everyone else Alhamdellah!

You are still not potty trained, but you are not ready yet. I know that, Baba knows that and you know that. So that is fine. You like sitting on your Paw Patrol toilet seat and going in the toilet. You take pride in that. So you understand the purpose and what to do. You are just not ready to do it all the time.

You are not eating well, but Alhamdellah you take a multivitamin (lions, tigers, etc.) and you seem to enjoy that part. We also give you probiotics in your juice once a day because your guts act up sometimes.

You are great at throwing tantrums, but you come by that honestly my sweet. You just threw a tantrum because we told you not to stand too close to the TV. So now Baba, who was tired and laying down on the couch, got up with you because you insisted on going down to the basement. I will leave things here to ensure that Baba gets the break he needs.

I love you with all my heart my dear. Sorry about the irregularity of the posts.


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