Thursday, September 29, 2016

Two Years, Four Months, Six Days...

Dearest Jude,

Things are busy these days, that is why the posts have been late. Sorry honey.

You and I are in school, Monday to Friday, 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM. Baba's schedule is the same as before. So things are busy, with us in school and me trying to get academic work done for my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree. I wasn't sure if I mentioned before what this degree was so I figured I would do it now. 

You are currently fighting something, not sure what yet. In the last three days we have been to the doctor twice.  Today, you had a 101.8 F fever. So Tylenol all the way. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow inshallah.

You are a trouble maker, but ya Allah, what a cute trouble maker you are. You are pushing and hitting your friends. It doesn't take much to get things going for you. But I think it is the age you are at, as well as the power of having your own will and being your own person. I want you to be able and confident and strong. As long as those have a good, peaceful and productive outlet, inshallah everything will be OK. 

Tete and Jiddo really miss you. We see grammie at least for a weekend every two weeks. We see khalo every once in a while. We hung out with Alana, Fraser, Fraser's parents, and Rachel last weekend. We went to the Ovens and had a picnic and a hike there. We all had fun. It was amazing mashallah.

Some random news:
Mama's friend from Yorkville University, auntie Ashley, is very popular with you. You don't need blood relatives around and in close proximity to have a family, is what she has helped me realize. I am very thankful, alhamdellah. Grammie's house is sold,  so inshallah onwards and upwards for her. Syria is getting bombed even more than than ever, as the Russians and the Syrian government are bombing "rebels", but killing civilians instead.  CBC radio has even called it a genocide. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both running for presidency of the U. S. What a messed up world we live in. We are trying to be more ethically aware and are trying to eat only halal meat and chicken.

That's all for now I guess,  my love. I love you. Allah yehmeek w ywaf2ak w ykhaleek men ahl El Jannah. 

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