Saturday, January 24, 2015

Eight Months...

Dearest One,

You are eight months old, mashallah. I don't have a weight or height for you yet, but mashallah you are getting heavy to carry and your clothes are getting small on you. So alhamdellah, you are thriving.

You are eating three meals, a couple of bottles of formula, and as much boob as I can give you in the mornings and around nap times, every day. Mashallah.

You are very vocal. You are saying a lot of "Bababababaaaaa", "Aaaaaaaaaa", "Mmmmmmm", "Tthhhhhhh", "Ssssssss", "Ghggggggg" and tongue clicking. You laugh your cute little bum off whenever I sing the arabic alphabet to you, not really sure why. You think it's the funniest thing ever.

You do not like being on your belly, at all. You seem more interested in sitting up on your bum, or being helped to your feet. You have the concept of walking figured out, as you know to put one foot in front of the other when you are being helped to your feet, and not jumping up and down like you normally would do. No crawling yet, but that is ok. We know that you will do whatever you want to do at your own pace. You are one determined little guy, and once you have your sight set on something, there is no dissuading you from grabbing it or trying to get it.

To celebrate you turning 8 months old, baba, you and I, had a fish and chips dinner. You seemed more interested in throwing the food around, mind you, but that is ok. You are in your exersaucer now and are whining. I believe that you are looking to get some boob to get a nap.

We love you with everything that we are and everything that we have. Your baba is trying so hard to work as many hours as possible to make sure we are taken care of. He is also trying to spend as much time with you as possible, as he misses you greatly. I am trying to be as good of a mother as I know how.

You are really getting frustrated so I will leave off with this:

Don't worry, Be happy!

الله معك حبيبي

Mama xo

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