Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Months...

July 23rd, 2014

Dearest One,
You have had an eventful month my dear!
You healed up very nicely from your "procedure". When you are laying down, you can pull your head up and hold it for a bit. You can turn your head from right to left, and from left to right. You are aware of your tongue, and your arms. You seem to have more control over those parts as the days pass. You are making faces at us, and are attempting to copy what we are doing (Tete, thanks for teaching me how to stick out my tongue). Your Tete absolutely ADORES you, your Jiddo too, although he hasn't met you yet. When Tete came out of the gate at the Halifax International Airport, she gave your daddy and I quick kisses, and almost ran towards your carseat to have her first ever look at you. She gets upset if a day goes by that she doesn't see you. She loves you so much that the minute you finish feeding, she would whisk you away to hold you. You are one popular little dude, my son!
You roll like crazy now, I found that out the hard way, I am sorry to say. You can actually change your position on your playmat just by kicking. It is really cute how you are always kicking but sometimes I wonder if the extra feedings that seem to be required these days are all going to your legs. You have a wonderful smile and you have been sharing it with us for the last little while. I also feel like you are trying to talk to us sometimes, "Agoooo" is coming out of your mouth every once in a while.
You, my amazing boy, are growing like a weed, ALHAMDELLAH! Today, you weighed 4.6KG, you were 62CM long, and your head circumference was 38CM. Unfortunately, we celebrated you turning two months old by having your first set of needles at the doctor's office. But, you handled them like a champ. We then went over and visited with your Grammie, Auntie Lynne and cousin Bri. I got you a pair of sunglasses that look like your Baba's, as you are each others' buddies.
We were supposed to go to Dollar Lake with your sister Alana and Jake, but that didn't work out. I do hope to get you to a beach soon, hopefully. You are a bit under the weather at the moment, unfortunately, but I hope that you will be out of that very soon.
I love you so very much. I feel like everyday that passes, I get attached to you more and more. It was hard at first, but I feel like it is getting better. I think the fact that you smile at me helps greatly. Everytime I see a smile, my heart melts. It makes me want to have ten of you running around the house. Your Baba is your biggest fan. He is sad whenever he has to go to work, and rushes home to see you as soon as he is off of work. You are sleeping between your Baba and I at night. We love having you with us. We feel incomplete otherwise. And the bassinet doesn't seem to work for you anyways, as you still lay there awake, whenever we put you in it. Inshallah when the time comes and you have to sleep on your own, the transition will be easy for you, and for us, as I know that we will not like you not being there with us.
You are an amazing gift from Allah and maybe I don't thank Him enough, but I am so very thankful for you and that I finally got to meet you and hold you in my arms. Your Baba and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary in 12 days. I thank Allah for your Baba, as without him, I am incomplete. And now without you, we are both incomplete. I love you with all my heart my son and I hope that I am doing enough for you. Your Baba and I are trying very hard to take care of you. We love you my sweet darling.

Happy two months Jude.

Your Mama

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